Star Wars Episode CCXXIV–A Little Originality People!


I realized this whole sequel/reboot nonsense had gone too far when Disney announced Star Wars VII, and I was ambivalent. I mean, this isn’t a Clash of the Titans reboot we’re talking about; it’s STAR WARS! Harrison Ford’s supposed to be back. Ditto Mark Hammill.  Lawrence Kasdan’s involved. I should be dancing in the street, fist bumping other SW fans. What does it say that I can’t muster so much as a shrug?

It says Hollywood has either forgotten or is deliberately ignoring one of its golden rules: Always leave them wanting more. Though I liked Prometheus, I read enough comments about how the movie ruined great and mysterious Space Jockey, that some things are better left unexplored. And who can forget the midi-chlorian gut-punch. That was awful. Thank George, I-mean-God, the next two movies left that alone.

Now, I fully understand there’s a big difference between the decision to delve deeper into a plot point and the larger issue of too much redux. The latter is where I started, and it’s where I’ll finish. I don’t know how many of you remember the days when sequels were a joke. Very little effort went into them.  Shoot, I’ll never forget reading reviews and magazine (yes, magazine) articles speculating on when/if there’d ever be a sequel that was better than the original.  Now, it pretty much happens all the time–as if the director, or whoever, gets money for part one, does that conservatively, then goes to town on part 2, once he proves himself. This is a good thing.

The bad? IMHO, its just that we see too many of them. And the reboots. GAWD! I understand how great they can be–I’m talking to YOU Christopher Nolan, but at the same time, I’d give a lot for some originality. Unfortunately, originality means risks. It’s always easier to present an audience with a known quantity, especially when it’s done well. Given the HUGE budgets involved in today’s moviemaking, we all understand the studios are hedging their bets.  Audiences too. We keep going to the movies until they’ve long overstayed their welcome. I mean, do we really need another Conan with Ahnuld? I’ll admit to liking the Amazing Spiderman, but come on! The last incarnation was barely put to bed when production on the new one started. In reality, we’re on Spiderman 5, Iron Man 4, Thor 3, etc. Any bets as to when Batman will be back?

I didn’t think so.

It’s getting ridiculous, and it’s made worse by the lukewarm reception original films are getting. If not for the Oscars, I might not know Hollywood made anything BUT sequels and reboots.

So, I’ll leave you with this…in the comments below, state what movie you would hate to see remade, but fully expect it to happen.  I’ll start with a cop out because I can’t make up my mind–Gone with the Wind or Titanic.


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