I’m So Sorry I Spoke. Speaking is Controversial. I’ll Try Not to Think Either.

I'm So sorry I Spoke. Speaking is Controversial. I'll Try Not to Think Either.

If it’s okay with you, I’d like to tackle a controversial subject. It’s my hope to do it as gently and fairly as possible. It’s just that, it seems like I can’t go online or watch TV without someone complaining about somebody else’s comment. Demanding an apology. Forgive me, but isn’t that a little…umm excessive? Most of the time the one who made the comment isn’t even around to defend himself or is it herself. Themselves isn’t grammatically correct, but it IS PC. So ‘themselves’.  I guess. Anyway, instead, I end up watching a bunch of know-it-all’s, one on each side of the issue, arguing about how we’re going to a bad place of nonreligious denomination because of of it. Now, it’d be too easy to blame TV and today’s gotcha media of all stripes, or spots, or argyle, and as attractive as that is, I can’t help but wonder if it runs a lot deeper than that. Or shallower.

Today, unlike any time in our history, we have whole industries centered around one cause or another. Paid subordinates mobilize at the drop of a hat–apologies to anyone hat-connected who might feel slighted, ditto to subordinates and higher-ups who might not like the stereotypes broadly painted here–and defend their causes the way a female animal defends it’s young. Not that male animals aren’t good parents, or that female animals can’t do more than just stay at cave and raise their broods. And unpaid subordinates are valuable too.

I suppose the good news is that this seems to be a grown-up phenomenon, which isn’t to say the younger set is excluded. They can participate if they so choose. For better or worse, they have their own, dare I say, exclusive clubs. Instagram or YouTube or whatever other site my oldness keeps me from knowing. Oh, they’ll let us old folks in, to be sure, but I’ll wager those of my ilk would be too shocked to stay long. No harm no foul. Right?

And then there’s poor Brent Musburger. One comment made in the middle of a what? A three-plus hour game? The cleanliness-deficient, non-young, xy-chromosomed human being nearly lost his job over that. Hopefully, the Dude (generic, non-gender term, of course), has learned his lesson. Don’t compliment anyone for fear of his/her/it’s opposite challenging your fairness.

And so my friends, I raise a glass or environmentally friendly cup to the multi-colored world. Isn’t it nice? Isn’t it pleasant? It sure is. At least until the non-nice, unpleasant learn about it and want in.

Then what will we do? I guess, all our comments would look like this:  ”                                 .”


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