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Fool Me Once, Hollywood…



Hope’s a funny thing. It can obliterate common sense, override reason, and make you believe something you ordinarily won’t. We know better, but that doesn’t stop us. 

Take this new Godzilla movie. I HOPE it’s good. I really want it to be. But whenever Hollywood gets its hands on something like this, I’m always disappointed. Sure, the people behind the movie say all the right things, but the press releases, most of them anyway, keep dashing my hopes. Where is the Japanese cast? News of Japanese location shooting? Nonexistent. All of which points an ‘Americanized’ version. Again. I can’t tell you how much hate that approach. French vintners hate California wines less than I hate this. 

No studio would ever reset Harry Potter in the US. So why Godzilla? It doesn’t make any sense. I can’t tell you how happy I am the rumored US version of Yamato never happened. Remember that one? If not, a little refresher: the writers, afraid US audiences wouldn’t accept an enemy battleship as Earth’s savior, thought about recasting the iconic Yamato with the iconic Arizona. Yes, I understand the thinking, and no, that didn’t make me hate it any less.

Similar ‘reimagining’ swirled around the Akira movie. With Keanu Reeves attached to it no less. Yeah, THAT’s a movie I’d want to see. You know, for all it’s faults, at least Speed Racer kept things somewhat faithful to the original–right down to the theme music. Which reminds me. Leave out the Godzilla theme from Godzilla and there’ll be hell to pay–legalities be damned. I might just have to see Wheedon’s Much Ado About Nothing instead. Oh wait…

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Seirin waited for them to move away before ordering the attack. She raised her hand and stepped back as Roarke’s thoughts swept into the basin. His power burrowed into the Earth. The ground along the shore tore free with a loud crack. Whole sections pulled away from the land, dragging soil and ocean into a fissure that stretched for miles. Water met magma and rocketed back to the surface as pressurized steam.

Vissyus’s volcano responded with a thunderous explosion. Towering flames roared into the morning sky. Wind carried the horrific echoes of land collapsing, of liquefying rock and air igniting.

Seirin’s gaze fixed on the volcano’s ruined crown. A burning sphere lifted out of it, a sun-fire orb, intensely bright and hot enough to melt the caldera to its roots. Two smaller orbs followed Vissyus into the sky, blazing red to his left, arctic blue to his right.

Fire raced from the dying island, leaping over the cracked shoreline and dropping onto the plains like firebombs. The earth withered and the seas boiled. Fiyorok landed in a flash of red-and-gold light. Akuan followed several hundred yards to the south, coating the ground with ice. Guarded mountains fell, the pools Seirin protected turned to vapor…

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