An Interview with Keith Yatsuhashi, Author of the Epic Fantasy Novel – Kojiki

Thanks to Shannon for the interview!

These are but Shadows

Kojiki Keith Yatsuhashi

For those of you who have yet to read Kojiki, can I just say…
Buy it now! It is worth the read, and even a re-read!

After reading and reviewing Kojiki, author Keith Yatsuhashi contacted me to thank me for my review. While we emailed, I found I couldn’t stop asking him questions about Kojiki and his experience writing it. So I asked if I could interview him. To my great delight, he consented.

Read on for the chance to get to know Keith Yatsuhashi! And learn more about his amazing debut novel, KOJIKI !

1. Where about do you live?

I’m a Massachusetts native.

2. What’s your favorite place to go in the entire world? (Or where do you most want to visit?)

I love Disney World in Orlando. Perfect weather (most of the time) and endless entertainment. And golf. I LOVE golf.

3. Is writing currently your full…

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