Review: Theft of Swords–Michael Sullivan 5-Stars


A few years ago, I met Robin Sullivan at Book Expo America. It was a great meeting, and she taught me a lot. A little while later, I found a signed copy of Theft of Swords at my booth. I’m embarrassed to say, it took this long to start reading. Was it worth it? Well…let’s just say, not long into the first chapter, I rushed out to the library for a reading copy. My signed copy now sits proudly–PROUDLY–on my bookshelf next to my signed Wheel of Time books.

Theft of Swords is fantastic; its my kind of fantasy. Great characters told in a brilliantly saucy style. It’s light and funny in all the right places and somber and thrilling when it needs to be. Its a swashbuckling tale that harkens back to a time when fantasies were supposed to be fun. Truth be told, I’m growing tired of broody, introspective protagonists and their ‘issues’. Give me these two good-hearted rogues any day. Theft of Swords takes me back to 1977, and the first time I saw Star Wars. It has the same feel, the same breath of fresh air approach. I applaud Michael Sullivan for writing such a rousing story. I’ll admit to an eye-rolling weariness when presented with elves, dwarves, goblins, and the like. Too often, they come off as cliche. Not here. Here they’re fresh. Michael Sullivan somehow made these age-old tropes new. It’s astonishing really. Maybe as astonishing as what JK Rowling did to witches and wizards.

It may have been three years or more before I picked up this book to read. The second won’t take nearly that long. If I didn’t have a couple of books I need to read and review, I’d be well into Mr. Sullivan’s next adventure–like yesterday.

The 2013 Reel Anime Season

Not enough feature films for my taste! I love big budget anime.

Pirates of the Burley Griffin

Opportunities to see anime on the big screen in Australia are generally… limited at best [1]. So I’m usually pretty happy to see the Reel Anime seasons put on by Madman Entertainment [2].

The season this year looks to be a mixed bunch to me, but your mileage may vary.

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I’m Going on a Book Tour!

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Touring Now- ‘Kojiki’ by Keith Yatsuhashi Schedule & Giveaway

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