Throwback Thursdays: From Darkness to Light

Love this book. I have a signed copy.

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Welcome to Throwback Thursdays on the Tor/Forge blog! Every other week, we’re delving into our newsletter archives and sharing some of our favorite posts.

We have a cover forWords of Radiance! The process post reminded us of the awesome video of artist Dan Dos Santos creating the cover ofWarbreaker. So we thought we’d share Brandon’s article on that book from 2009. Enjoy this blast from the past, and be sure to check back every other Thursday for more!

From Darkness to Light: Brandon Sanderson on Bringing ROY G BIV to Warbreaker

Written by Brandon Sanderson

The first idea for Warbreaker was actually sparked by a comment my editor made. He and I had been working on the Mistborn trilogy for some time now. Near the end of the process, he mentioned, “This setting is very dark, with all of the ash and blackness around all…

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