Giving Goddess Love

This sounds like a great book!


Hi y’all. Today I’m opening up my blog to the wonderful author Kaitlin Bevis who also writes books based on Greek Mythology. She has the Daughters of Zeus series with her own take on the myths that created both of our muses. We’re both explaining the twists we took to create our worlds while showing how we stayed true to the core of the myths. Below is Kaitlin’s explanation in her own words…enjoy.  🙂

Persephone Myth:

In the original Persephone myth, Kore, the goddess of Spring, was a beautiful goddess and would have had many suiters had her mother, Demeter, goddess of agriculture, not kept her hidden away from the other gods. One day Kore went to a meadow to pick narcissus flowers, lilacs, poppies, or some other flower depending on the source with some nymphs when Hades, God of the Underworld spotted her and decided he wanted her for…

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