Join us for Boskone 51, February 14-16, 2014

The Boskone Blog

Do you love science fiction and fantasy?

Join us at Boskone®, a regional science fiction convention, which features:

  • Acclaimed Program featuring over a hundred writers, artists & scientists
  • Exciting Art Show and Hucksters Room
  • Varied Con Suite, evening events and parties

Boskone 51 Guests Include:

Guest of Honor:
Seanan McGuire/Mira Grant

Official Artist:
David Palumbo

Special Guest:
Ginjer Buchanan

Hal Clement Science Speaker:
Bill Higgins

NESFA Press Guest:
Jane Yolen

Meet an impressive array of well-known figures in the field, including writers, artists, editors, publishers, musicians, scientists, gamers, bloggers, conrunners, reenactors, and fanzine editors. The longest-running SF con in New England, Boskone usually attracts more than 1000 fans and pros for a weekend of panels, readings, kids activities, demonstrations, small-group discussions, filksinging, videos, games and more!

Our innovative no-boundaries layout is designed to stimulate conversation between friends (old and new), and to support a warm, family-friendly, fannish…

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