To Adapt a Japanese Movie, Hire a Japanese Director

Hey Guys. I’m now a contributor to Here’s my debut post. Enjoy!

Another Castle

You find out Hollywood is turning your all-time favorite thing into a movie. Do you: a) spend the rest of the day annoying everyone around you with a happy dance; b) shout ‘no!’ at the top of your lungs; or c) alternate between the two. Hollywood is counting on most of you falling into the ‘a’ category. It’s why they’re making so many reboots and sequels these days. Those are supposed to be safer. But are they really? Reboots and adaptations come at a price. Some call it expectation; one could also call it baggage. Today, with social media and instant communication, it must be tough for screenwriters and movie makers to manage their messages. For every happy fan, a horde of screaming, pitchfork-carrying bloggers rise up and call for blood.

It happened with The Lord of the Rings and and it happened with Harry Potter. Fortunately, the people…

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