The Doctor’s Day is Coming: Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special

Another Castle

With less than a week before the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Special, the BBC has teased us with some preview shorts. We will soon find out what had happened during the Time War and what this “Not” Doctor or “War Doctor” has done.

As much as this past season was filled with action and adventure, it has not been exactly cohesive. We won’t go into re-capping every episode, yet, we’ll take a look at the two halves of this past season.

Season 7-1

As we first see our intrepid heroes after the Doctor has left them: our sweet, married companions, Amy and Rory, were on the verge of divorce. It’s not until the Daleks put them and the Doctor back together, and during this adventure Amy and Rory finally talk about their problems. During this, we are introduced to a new companion , or sort of. After the “Asylum…

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