TMI: How Movie Marketing is Ruining Movies

Another Castle

Remember what was like to sit in a darkened movie theater and have no idea what was coming? No? Well, going to the theater used to be like that. Honest. You didn’t know much about the movie you were there to see, because movie promotion was limited to a handful of TV commercials, magazine articles, and newspaper print ads and reviews. If you were lucky, you caught the official preview when you went to see some other movie. Sadly, Those days are long gone–thanks to the Internet. Now, no one’s saying we should go back, or that the net’s a bad thing. We know it isn’t. It’s changed a lot for the better. How can having all that information at your fingertips be a bad thing? It isn’t. It’s awesome. Just not when it comes to movies.

Today, we get a pre-announcement for the preview’s preview. Really? How does that make…

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