Review: The Time of the Doctor

My review of The Time of the Doctor is up at Another Castle.

Another Castle



The Time of the Doctorbrings Matt Smith’s tenure as Doctor Who to a stirring and satisfying conclusion. The world knew it was coming, but instead of spoiling the episode, Smith’s rush to regeneration made for a tense yet poignant good-bye. Maybe Team Doctor Who learned from David Tennant’s final episode. Or rather run of episodes. The tenth Doctor’s farewell came across like a protracted series of curtain calls. This time, the writers got it right. We still had the winks and nods and not-so-subtle remarks about beginnings and endings, but overall, the touch remained feather-light.

The Story

The Time of the Doctor opens with his most fearsome (and increasingly overused) adversaries blockading a small planet. A continuously repeating signal called them, one heralding Gallifrey’s possible return to the universe. So, what’s a good Dalek, Sontaran, Cyberman, Weeping Angel, and Silence to do? Why, stop…

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