Sneak Peak of the book Invisible written by Caitlin Yatsuhashi and Keith Yatsuhashi

Here’s a treat for you guys. My 15-year-old daughter is writing a YA fantasy called INVISIBLE. Check out the opening pages! This is an early draft and will need revising and editing, but she’s off to a roaring start. INVISIBLE’s subtext delves into the universal teen feeling of being just that–INVISIBLE.


This is a preview of my debut novel that is being cowritten with Keith Yatsuhashi author of KOJIKI. It’s not perfect and there are things that need changing, but I hope you like it.😀

Chapter one

Arisu Takeda hurried through the ramshackle town abutting her father’s fortified palace. Wood smoke clung to the air just above the rooftops, and while it made breathing difficult, it also masked the stench of unwashed bodies, rotting garbage, and human filth. Shapes moved around her, but she barely saw them. Unconsciously, she waded through them. A twist of her shoulders, and she was past two dark forms; a side step avoided a wad of clothing holding a smaller wad, whose shrill wail assaulted her ears.
Arisu pulled her uniform jacket closer to her and gave off a shiver that had nothing to do with the cold. She was late. Late for a meeting her…

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