Anime Review: World Conquest Zvedza Plot Ep. 1 Lands with a Bang!

Another Castle

“Lincoln had potential. However, his weakness was he couldn’t handle bullets.”

The Story:
It’s hard to tell what the main story is after only one episode. World Conquest Zvedva Plot plays a role, but that could easily be clever manipulation. The show opens with a pre-credits prologue. A lone figure wanders a decimated landscape. His musings about world conquest and humanity set the stage for what follows. The scene then fades back to the present, a vibrant city replacing the ruins.
Enter Asuta Jimon, a seemingly nice, down-on-his-luck teen. Asuta is homeless and hungry. He tries to hide it, but it catches up with him when the city’s curfew falls, and he has nowhere to go. Stuck on the street, he comes across an unconscious girl and her fallen bicycle. Once she wakes, the girl, (who identifies herself as Kate Hoshimiya), dives right into what Asuta can only assume is the continuation of some…

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