The Return of the Guests: The Once and Current Boskonians!

The Boskone Blog

Boskoneis well-known for the number of guests who continue to return to the convention as regular program participants long after their “guest” status is over. This year we have a wonderful assortment of past guests who have returned once again to participate in Boskone 51’s programming.

In fact, Seanan McGuire (aka Mira Grant), this year’s Guest of Honor, was our Featured Filker for Boskone 45. It’s a pleasure to welcome Seanan, and all of our other returning past guests, back to Boskone for an exciting weekend of literature, art, science, and music!

Below is a list of the past guests and the roles they have held at previous Boskones.

Year Dates Name
20 18-20 Feb 1983 SS: Jeff Hecht
21 17-19 Feb 1984 SG: David Hartwell
23 14-16 Feb 1986 OA: Bob Eggleton
23 14-16 Feb 1986 SG: Tom Doherty
25 29-31 Jan 1988 SG: Ellen…

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