You Want Epic Anime? GIANT ROBO: THE ANIMATION is Epic Anime

Another Castle

Giant Robo: The Animation is a reimagining of Mitsuteru Yokoyama‘s classic manga of the same name. Not content to simply retell the story, the show’s creator, Yasuhiro Imagawa dives into Yokoyama’s entire body of work, stitching together an epic story filled with vivid characters, great action, and a dense and thrilling plot.


Imagawa sets the stage right from the beginning. A quick montage tells us we’re looking at a future Earth. A group of dedicated scientists have invented a renewable, 100 percent clean energy source–the Shizuma Drive. Quickly, Shizuma Drives power everything, and the world prospers.

But wait, not all is sunshine and lollipops. Creating the Shizuma Drive came at a great cost. Some huge tragedy surrounded it, one central to the event that follow. Adding to that, a powerful organization known s Big Fire emerges, it’s goal: to possess the Shizuma Drive’s latest iteration and thereby control…

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