Genetics (up to chapter four) written by Caitlin Yatsuhashi


Hey so I made some changes. Now I divided the story up by chapter so it reads more like a book. Every time I add on I will add on by chapter this way it will read more like a book. Enjoy!

Chapter One
Mai’s POV

Dear Diary,

“There is a certain loneliness that exists within me. I don’t know how to explain it, but It follows me like echoes of people reminiscing over their past.

I often wonder what it means to truly be human. Can I even consider myself one? Some people call it a gift to remember everything. They say I am lucky, special even. But I am not. I am cursed. Cursed to live a life of hell. Tramped in a past that I am forced to relieve each and every day. I am nothing but a mutation.

I never introduced myself. Sorry it’s just lately…

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