THE ART OF TITANFALL Review: What the Future of Gaming Holds in Store


Another Castle

Source: EA Source: EA

Labelled by reviewers as the game to change FPS on next-gen, Titanfall is preparing to set-out on every game dev’s dream journey: creating that next big thing. UK based Titan Books‘ latest art book release The Art of Titanfall seeks to prove just that: Titanfall is what next-gen wants to be.

But by no means did Titanfall‘s conception and development come easily. Created by ex-Infinity Ward co-founders Jason West and Vince Zampella — the beings responsible for Call of Duty: Modern WarfareTitanfall will be the first game released by their brand-new development company, Respawn Entertainment. For West and Zampella, this game isn’t just another game, this could very well mean their and their company’s future and livelihood. If Titanfall comes in any way short of its colossal expectations, it will most likely mean their end.

Not only does that mean the game needs to run…

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