SPACE PIRATE CAPTAIN HARLOCK Review: Anime’s Ultimate Bad Boy Returns with Mixed Results

Another Castle

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Legendary anime/manga creator Leiji Matsumoto perfected dystopian before the rest of the world even knew what it was. His vast universe is rife with it, from Space Battleship Yamato‘s dying Earth to Galaxy Express 999‘s bleak future, Matsumoto does dystopian better than anyone else. No where is this more evident than in his legendary manga-cum-anime, Space Pirate Captain Harlock.

Captain Harlock made his TV debut in 1978, and he’s been back many times over the years with varying degrees of success. The latest incarnation, a big budget CGI fest, premiered in Japan last fall. It’s an origin story of sorts and stands well enough on its own. Those familiar with the Harlock will find much to like here. Viewers unfamiliar with Harlock stories won’t get lost here either.

The story begins with a Matsumoto staple: a town that looks more like the American west than…

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