47 RONIN: Movie Review

Another Castle

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When previews for Universal’s 47 Ronin started appearing last year, the reaction was, at best, cautiously pessimistic. Purists bemoaned the added mysticism, the politically corrected sniffed at having an englishman ostensibly save the day for the Japanese, and Keanu Reeves many haters resurfaced to ridicule the film’s star. Instead of the pre-release good-will of say, a Marvel Comics movie or Nolan’s Batman, 47 Ronin faced a steep climb to respectability.

By the time it opened, it was already considered a failure. That’s unfortunate. Thankfully, home video gives it a new life. Here, it has a chance to answer its critics without the box office pressure.

47 Ronin is the story of a group of masterless samurai trying to regain their honor and avenge their wrongly deposed and executed lord. The tale is one of Japan’s most famous and beloved–which accounts for some measure of the criticism the film received…

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