GODZILLA Review: Japan’s Famous Monster Makes a Triumphant Return

Another Castle

1977480_616204035129341_1657994823_n Source: Legendary Pictures

No movie this summer has bigger shoes to fill than Godzilla. The original is more than a film classic; it’s both a cultural and historical statement. It speaks to its time, tells of the horrors of nuclear weapons from the only people to have lived through their use. Grim, yet cathartic, the 1954 film introduced the world to an enduring character that was part natural force, part warning, and part corporeal forgiveness.

Under Gareth Edwards’s steady direction, this new Godzilla returns the eponymous monster to its 1954 roots. After the spectacularly awful 1998 Godzilla, questioning the wisdom of giving Hollywood a do-over was justifiable. Would they learn from their mistakes? It didn’t look like it–not initially. Word leaked out that Godzilla would once again menage the U.S. instead of Japan. Las Vegas was mentioned as a location. Vegas? Ugh. Really? Next came the cast with American…

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