MALEFICENT Review: Putting the Mal in Maleficent

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Another Castle

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Since the first pictures for Disney’s new Maleficent started surfacing in late 2012, hope for a masterful rendition was high; after all it was Angelina Jolie at the helm. But with the inundation of villain perspective movies, and revamped fairy tale flops, the expectation was that this too would fall short of its immense budget.

Moviegoers long for that one flick to take them back to childhood fantasy, but will  find only a hollow CGI reminder that nothing will ever be as good as a classic Disney cartoon.

The Story

If a great movie starts with a great script, this one was doomed from the beginning. The dialogue reduced the story to over simplified cliché. Linda Woolverton, a main stay at Disney, gave nothing substantial from which greatness could spring. Surprising, given that this same author penned titles like ‘The Lion King‘, ‘Beauty and the Beast‘, and Tim Burton‘s…

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