Top 10 Mecha in Classic Anime

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Mecha has long been an anime staple, the uber-cool–and absolutely impossible–mechanical creations that are as much of a show’s draw as the characters and stories. Sometimes the two are actually one and the same, shows and movies in which the main character isn’t really a character at all, but an allegory for man’s constant struggle to balance scientific responsibility with the natural world.

Usually, it’s bada** too.

So, to honor anime’s impressive array of insanely cool stuff — admit it, you want the toy as soon as you see it–we’ve compiled a list of  anime’s top 10 mecha.

10.  The God Phoenix: Science Ninja Team Gatchaman

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The God Phoenix from Science Ninja Team Gatchaman is part transport and part battleship. It neatly houses all of the awesome Gatcha vehicles — all of which could make this list — and though it doesn’t mechanically transform, it does so…

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