How to sell a hundred thousand copies of your book with very little effort

Jane Dougherty Writes

We all want to sell our books, don’t we? Lots of copies of our books, right? And the web is packed with people offering advice in spades as to how to flog better and more, isn’t it? But does any of it work? Short answer is—no.

How many hundred tweets a day do you scroll past begging you to read somebody’s book? How many of them with quotes from people you’ve never heard of extolling the awesomeness of a book that could be about anything at all? Then there are the superlatives. Perfect beach read—says who? Best police thriller I have ever read—who are you when you’re washed? So funny I cracked a rib laughing—can we see the x-rays? Really, does anyone read this kind of stuff and go out and buy the book? There’s the Amazon Cart thingy that maybe works for people who are on automatic pilot, like…

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