Author Interview: Keith Yatsuhashi – Kojiki and Kokoro

Why Words Work

Mythical creatures. Giant robots. Intergalatic destinies. Magical mysteries.

Keith Yatsuhashi’s novels, Kojiki and Kokoro, stretch across the divide between fantasy and sci-fi. Their vibrant, action-packed worlds have inspired many fans of the speculative fiction genre. Not only because of they’re ability to blend magic with science, but also because of the underlying passion that runs beneath the narrative.

Today on Why Words Work, we meet the source of that passion. I invited the lovely Keith Yatsuhashi to speak to us about his writing life, his inspirations, and what his decade long experience as a figure skater – yes, a figure skater – can teach us about the writing discipline.

So, without further ado, here is Keith Yatsuhashi!

Keith Yatsuhashi

How does someone balance a full-time job with being a speculative fiction author writing about monsters and robots?

I’d add in being a parent too! LOL. It all puts a very real…

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